Sunday, January 27, 2013

Storyboard Animatic

It has been over a year since my last post. I kept thinking I may some day finish the storyboard animatic but I realized recently that I'd rather just put it up as is and move onto other things. This is how far I got with it. The first half all works but I feel like I never really got the last third of it working right (obviously, it ends with a black screen) but I think it's best to put it up for closure, or some shit. I learned a lot while working on this project. Mostly what I learned was that finishing a giant project while working full time is just something one should NOT aim to accomplish. Future projects I will try to make a little easier on myself. This never made it past storyboards, and since I'm not a storyboard artist this was very difficult for me to just jump in and finish in my spare time. I also learned that I need to think about tackling things more practically and worry less about how good I am at things. This was a great exercise in getting over my fear of being bad at drawing as well. The drawings are certainly not great, but I loosened up quite a bit and you can see I got better at it in some parts. I'm never going to be a storyboard artist, that I know, but it was still super rewarding to get over my negativity and just make something.

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