Sunday, January 30, 2011

Got some more storyboards done.

Good for me.  They're pretty time consuming.  Right now I'm at about 8 storyboards every hour. I've spent about 4 hours and I've 32 boards, which end right now at the part when the big sweeps come in.  At this rate I'm looking at about 40-50 hours to complete all the storyboards.  I guess that's not taking into account that I'll probably start half-assing it when I get tired of drawing them.  Right now it feels pretty good.  I have to go help my brother move, but here's a sample of the storyboards:
I should learn some tricks for drawing hands.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Still working... slowly

I haven't given up yet, even though it may look that way because it has been almost 2 months since my last post.  I was busy with christmas/new years/long vacation so I haven't touched this much. I'm still working on it, just very slowly.  

Currently I've hit a wall with the character design portion of the project.  It's not really my thing so instead of putting so much pressure on getting it right I'm just going to push ahead in other directions.  I started work on a 2D animatic today and got about 20 storyboards done for the first scene.  This isn't much, and it's not worth showing yet, but I'm making some progress and I want to acknowledge that and keep tracking it. I'm hoping that while working on the storyboards I'll get a better sense of the characters because I'll be required to keep sketching them over and over.  That hasn't happened yet, and the drawings are very crude, but at least they'll get the point across and help me visualize every detail of the short before starting on the 3D.

So... good job, self. You did some work.