Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Progress Update

Here's a quick recap of what has happened since my last update. 

I've gotten a new computer, this one, and installed a copy of Adobe's Creative Suite Production Premium that I got at a huge discount from a friend.  Once I got all this set up I started work on the animatic.  I wrote an awesome python script to extract all the story boards into single images using PIL instead of manually cropping and saving out each one, so that saved me a LOT of time.  As I started laying out the timeline I realized that I should have been putting boards straight into the timeline as I was drawing them instead of doing all the boards first because my timing was off.  There are parts I had to cram images in and parts I had to stretch them out or repeat them, or in 2 cases I just ended up with big holes in the timeline to fill.

I've been working on my portfolio website with most of my free time in the couple of months, so not much progress has been made on this since then, until I got a wacom tablet for Christmas and started touching up the existing boards and filling in the holes.   This is an animated gif of when his wife sees all the pulses/waves and is freaking out on him:

The end isn't working right now so I'll need to rework that, but I'm hoping at some point soon I'll be posting a video, then again I have a portfolio to work on.

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