This blog is a progress diary for a music video I have in mind for the song "This Could Be Beautiful (It Is)" by Metronomy. This blog is also documenting an internal battle I'm having surrounding self confidence in my art and creative ideas.  Here's the writeup:

Listen to the song while you read:

It starts with a close-up shot of a man's eyes opening.  Cut to a medium shot of the man sitting up.  He's in an empty landscape with nothing but black sand and dense fog.  He stands up and takes a look around while assessing the situation.  As the percussion of the song starts glowing white spots show up on the surface of his face and neck, pulsating to the music.  This startles him.  He watches the pulses and checks other parts of his body. Cut to a full body shot, and it's all over him.  The kick drum comes in and the little pulses now rattle and jump off of his skin and he starts to look irritated by it.  The bassline comes in and a colorful wave shoots up his body throwing him off balance, forcing his limbs in different directions to the music and making him dance.  Several seconds of this, different moves and different shots.

As the synth element enters the song, cut to a close-up shot of a sleeping woman's face.  It's dark but faint lights dance on her face.  She awakes.  Cut to a top-down shot to reveal that she's lying in bed facing the man from before. He's asleep and was obviously dreaming the previous scene, only the pulses and waves are still happening in "real life".  The room is small and and looks as if it's part of a house in the countryside. She sits up in a panic, and he soon wakes.  She jumps out of bed and backs away.  He realizes what's going on and tries to calm her down.  As the breakdown of the song starts a broom flies into frame and bash his head several times to the beat.  He stumbles out of the bedroom and runs down the hall to the front door.  Cut to outside the house which is an impossibly small building.  He runs off with the pulses and waves still going strong. Cut to a trucking out side shot of him running full speed to the beat, foreground and background objects creating parallax disappear faster than and he's quickly in the middle of nowhere.  As the breakdown of the song ends, he slows to a stop and collapses backwards with exhaustion.

 He falls through the ground and continues to fall through a seemingly endless space.  The pulses and waves have stopped.  Where the earth ends dust and rocks fall into the abyss.  The space appears to be dimly lit from below.  As he continues to fall there are also massive metal objects, 3 times his size, falling around him. Spoons, door knobs, sledge hammers, etc., all have dust slowly trailing them as they fall.  When the higher frequency bouncy synth line starts, there are spoons(normal sized) shooting like meteors past him in time with the synth.  He slams into the ground in time with the crunchy "bwart bwart bwart bwart" sound.  The meteor spoons continue as he stands up and when one hits him on the head, he shelters himself with an umbrella when the ambient synth drops out.  He wonders where the umbrella came from and then takes a look around to figure out where he is and admires the large metal objects slamming falling from the sky.  The next bawawooowooo synth of the song comes in and it shakes the entire world with a high frequency.  He looks everywhere for the source, turns around and finds a massive sheep 4 times his height that has similar pulses and waves running through its body.  It's making the sound from its mouth.  When the bassline comes in again cut to a truck-in shot of his face, in awe, then another truck in of the sheep's face which is in awe, but you can't tell because sheep don't really show emotion.  They have a deep connection.

When the waking up synth comes in again, cut to a closeup of his face. He's lying on the ground where he fell through moments earlier.  He sits up and notices the sheep that he was so infatuated with standing nearby.  He looks content.  The sheep looks emotionless.  The pulses and waves on his body and the sheep's body fade away.  They walk together filled with nervous excitement.  Cut to a shot of him explaining to his wife that he has to leave and be with the sheep, at first she looks confused and angry, but she rolls her eyes and gives him a "whatever, just go" face as she points out the door. He is elated, and they venture off together.

 Then a montage featuring shots of sentimental human life memories.  During which the sheep still just looks emotionless and the man is very passionate and emotional. Here are some ideas for those shots...
  • They get an apartment together in the city.
  • The sheep watches him sleep, or vice versa.
  • The sheep gives birth to 2 children in a hospital.  One has a human head with a sheep's body, and one is a boy's body with a ram's head.
  • They buy a house outside of the city, similar to the one he lived in with his wife, to raise their half sheep half human children.
  • They have a fight about the kids.
  • One of their kids has a drug problem.
  • One of their kids graduates from college.
  • They lay awake together solemnly in bed and he turns away from the sheep.
  • The sheep is sick in the hospital. 
  • He visits the sheep's grave. 
  • He reads the paper and looks out the window
The final scene is a cemetery on a beautiful fall day.  Slow truck-ins reveal both of their graves side by side.  His reads "Here lies the man who loved the sheep". The sheep's reads "Bahhh.  Bah bahhhhh.".  Fade to black.