Monday, November 29, 2010

Getting closer

Not quite there though.  He's scrawnier, which is a step in the right direction but he's pretty boring.  I'm also having a bit of trouble deciding what it is I'm going for.  Do I want more stylized?  Maybe I'll just move forward with something less stylized.  One thing is for sure, this guy just needs more character, and I need more character design practice.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Drawing Progress

Today went well.  I had to do a little 'talking myself through it' and keeping that negative voice quiet and it worked out.  The design of this dude isn't even close yet but I'm glad I actually drew something.  I also installed the latest Sketchbook Pro and it has a mirroring feature that removes my inability to draw symmetrically. 
This drawing turned into more of an anatomy exercise.  It's looking too much like iron man or a comic book character with all that muscle definition.  That's okay though, It was a good exercise.  I'm also going to go more stylized in the next round.  Maybe I'll put the guy in a t-shirt and jeans too... just make him a regular dude instead of all this techy stuff.

Saturday, November 13, 2010


I'm trying really hard to be okay with the fact that I'm not the best at traditional art but I'm getting extremely frustrated.  After attempting to paint my last post I realized I really don't know anything about painting color/light/shadow so I figured I'd try practicing that just to get a better base before starting artwork for the project.  I started painting a self portrait and of course it's really difficult. I'm not sure why I expect to be able to jump into something that people spend YEARS practicing and just nail it right away. This is a true test of patience.

I'm going to give it another try and do my best not to be frustrated... if it sucks, it sucks. The project can continue without it being great.  I can also just not paint things.

Thursday, November 4, 2010


I drew a more detailed face.  Oh and it's my birthday.  Sweet.

I think this is the main dude. Although he looks a bit more harsh than I had originally intended.  Maybe I just need to draw him with different facial expressions. 

I'd also like to get past skewing my drawings like I do.  I should work on that.